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Monroe County will soon have one bigger and better newspaper to call its own. That’s right! You heard it here first. The Amory Advertiser and The Aberdeen Examiner will merge into one superior newspaper sometime this spring. It’s the most exciting thing that’s happened since I’ve worked for this paper (over the past 22 years) . It’s a win win situation for people who want more local news coverage in their hands every week. Plus we’re obviously expanding our web presence with regular blogs (such as the one you’re reading) and more web site articles.  Your weekly paper won’t have to be a weekly product any longer, thanks to modern technology and Internet capabilities. Let us know what you think about all of this and maybe pass on any good ideas to us while we’re in this transitioning stage. Our newspaper is owned by Journal Publishing in Tupelo and they’re providing plenty of expertise and support for what we want to see happen with our papers in Monroe County. We’re currently working on a prototype for this new product. But don’t worry, you’ll still recognize plenty of the things you already liked about your paper.

Maybe you’ve already noticed we have a new columnist on our editorial page twice a month, Terry Thornton. He’s new to our pages, but he’s someone very familiar to many Monroe Countians. He lives in Itawamba County but his roots are deep in Monroe County. He writes a great column that’s full of information about “the Hill Country” of Monroe County. 

You’ll recall there was a reader survey in our paper recently about a possible merger. It was also available online. The responses were  overwhelmingly favorable to a merged paper with more content. Thanks for the input. There will be plenty of advantages for merging the papers and perhaps a few disadvantages (such as changing the name of two papers that’ve been around a long, long time). But I think you readers will like it and soon identify with your new paper.


2 responses to “Monroe Journal

  1. Chris,

    Good to see your new blog — and thanks for the mention. I’m looking forward to writing Hill Country for the newspaper — and I’m enjoying writing about the Hill Country for my blog.

    I look forward to reading your work here.

    Terry Thornton

  2. Chris, I got here with the new link! Oh, boy. I’ve put the page in my list of favorites and look forward to reading often.

    You’re the best! 🙂


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